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Security Intelligence is an IBM content aggregator website delivering the latest insights for information security professionals, and a site refresh was requested to improve visits and engagements.

After the team pulled together past user experience analyses, a UX designer created the framework while I refreshed the look and feel. Visually, I created a cleaner, more modern aesthetic that’s easier-to-read and pleasing to the eye. I also took into consideration various UX/UI factors to further enhance the experience, including reducing image heights to limit the need for scrolling, incorporating design elements and layouts that allow information to be more scannable, and working with the web developer to strengthen UI elements. The result was an elegant website that connects to our users on an emotional level.

Since launch, the site has experienced a steady growth in unique visits, total visits and page views.  Results also include decreased average time on homepage by 48 seconds and decreased bounce/exit rates by 1.14% and 3.93% respectively, as well as decreased time on category pages by 5 seconds and decreased bounce/exit rates by 7.24% and 1.28% respectively, indicating improved engagement.

Art Director / Designer: BERNICE CHENG
Web Developer: NICK RIVERS