Harman Infopaper

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2.5MM impressions. LinkedIn performance surpassing ad benchmarks.

Since HARMAN is better known for their audio products, they were looking to launch an awareness campaign of their connected services offering preceding and during Mobile World Congress 2016.

We came up with a novel idea: “the interactive infopaper,” a white paper with an infographic flair that is navigable digitally by the user. Users can download the PDF or interact with it online by clicking on key areas of the pages to learn more information, almost like a website. It gave us the vehicle we needed to create a consumable but informative piece to help drive engagement to potential leads in a simple and budget-friendly platform they’re already familiar with, and one that can be experienced digitally or physically, and can be easily shared. By telling the story of the “connected life” in this way, we infused an appropriately innovative and user-friendly quality to the piece. Through iconography and photography, we gave the infopaper life and energy while appealing to our tech-centric target audience.

Associate Creative Director: DAVE CHUNG
Art Director / Designer: BERNICE CHENG / DAVE CHUNG