MAIA Microsite & Web Banners

5.66MM+ ad impressions. 5.4K+ users driven to the microsite. 8K+ page views. High site visit rate of 81%.

The challenge for our client, the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents (MAIA), was to invigorate individuals to choose “independent” agents for their insurance needs. Our concept was one of empowering people to live their unique lives boldly but protected with health insurance that fits their needs. The tagline: “Live Boldly. Prepare Accordingly.”

To bring the campaign to life, we created a microsite to help people find independent agents in their area and then executed the campaign across web banners to drive them there. Knowing that we wanted to appeal to our audience’s uniqueness and individuality, it was crucial that the mood was inviting, fun and felt “personal” rather than stodgy and dry. All elements of design, including bold typography, fun and informative iconography, and relevant yet personal imagery worked together cohesively to represent a message of pride and fearlessness in living boldly. 

As the art director, I ensured careful crafting in every process of the design, from executing on graphic design to overseeing UX/UI and web development. The result is a fully responsive insurance microsite and carefully-crafted ad campaign that connects with people on an emotional level. 

Art Director / Designer: BERNICE CHENG
Web Developer: NICK RIVERS