Wells Fargo App Redesign

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(Concept only) As a side project, I created a UX/UI redesign of Wells Fargo’s app as a response to recent scandals that have tarnished the brand’s image. A redesign of their app would be one of many efforts to help demonstrate the company’s internal commitment to change and help re-establish trust with its customers.

Using data collected via customer reviews and analyses of key findings, I first identified a number of key user needs and further defined the problem. I then created a design inventory of Wells Fargo’s digital assets to assess the state of the current design system. From there, I developed a series of solutions and features, and a scalable design system that simplifies and modernizes the functionality and design aesthetic of the app. I then mocked up key pages to bring the app to life. Prototypes coming soon.

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Art Director / UX & UI Designer: BERNICE CHENG