IBM “Fairy Tale” Landing Page

(Concept only) Security Intelligence is a content aggregator website created by IBM to deliver the latest insights for information security professionals. IBM approached Racepoint Global to concept a look and feel for a landing page for a brand new content series. The idea was to connect important lessons to be learned in the world of cyber security with those of well-known fairy tales in order to relate with users in a fresh, new way.

Depicting the fairy tale stories in real life using high quality photography composites symbolizes just how “real” things can get when it comes to cyber security threats. In the image of The Little Red Riding, a wolf representing a menacing hacker hard at work while Red Riding Hood is seen wondering a mysterious forest unaware of the danger that lies ahead, gives viewers a sense of foreboding, a fitting mood in the treacherous world of cyber security. To complete the message and align it with the visuals and concept, I wrote, “Not A Fairy Tale Anymore,” as the headline.

Although a different direction was chosen, this concept was both visually and conceptually compelling.

Art Director / Designer: BERNICE CHENG